SANCTITY LASER manufacture and sell Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers [ DPSSL ] and Diode Lasers, Modules and Pointers.
By the efforts these years, we have become the Research & Manufacture center for industrial lasers. Now we are one of the main suppliers worldwide for the high power and low cost DPSS lasers.
266nm 355nm 360nm 375nm 405nm 430nm 445nm 450nm
457nm 473nm 480nm 490nm 514.5nm 515nm 520nm 523.5nm
526.5nm 532nm 543nm 556nm 561nm 589nm 593.5nm 635nm
638nm 639nm 650nm 656.5nm 660nm 671nm 680nm 690nm
721nm 780nm 785nm 793nm 800nm 808nm 825nm 830nm
850nm 880nm 885nm 914nm 915nm 940nm 946nm 965nm
975nm 980nm 1030nm 1047nm 1053nm 1064nm 1085nm 1122nm
1310nm 1313nm 1319nm 1342nm 1450nm 1470nm 1530nm 1550nm
1870nm 1905nm 1940nm 2200nm
SANCTITY LASER exporters of optical lenses for industrial and commercial use. Our chief products are Filter, Prism, Lens, Mirror, Windows, Waveplate, Laser optics, Beamsplitter and multiplicity coating. High quality and low price is our most competitive advantage.
Our Laser Line Generator Lens [ POWELL Lens ] accuracy is best of China, the Intensity Distribution of laser line can up to <5% depend on experienced engineers and multiplicity high precision test equipments
We have more than 10 years experience in optical filed. We have a whole set of optical processing equipments, such as cutting, grinding, polishing, molding and coating. We are exporters of optical lenses for industrial and commercial use.
SANCTITY LASER crystal products include Laser crystals, NLO crystals, Birefringent crystals, Laser crystals, AO & EO crystals , etc. which are widely used in semiconductor, electronics, optics, lasers and telecommunication. We will realize our goal with the spirit of Olympic:to reach higher quality, faster delivery, and stronger integrated strength, to satisfy and exceed our customers' demands.
    SANCTITY LASER products range extend to more laser accessory parts starts of 2021.
    Products Range include:
    Laser Diodes Laser Scanner System Infrared Laser Display Card
    Laser Line Generartor Lenses Optomechanical Components Optical Tables & Breadboards
    Laser Fiber for UV, Visible and Infrared Lasers
We will bring more high quality and reasonable price products to our customers of new year.
Hope you can find the products with your intention in our web site, or you can direct send an Email to us, we have many experienced sales engineers will help you and answer any question of the products.